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Here are some answers to questions we get regarding our services.


Is Continental Driving School MTO approved?


Yes, we are approved by the Ministry of Transportation, once the 40-hour course is completed the student will be certified and can obtain proof of insurance from Service Ontario.


Is it necessary to take the BDE course?


Although it is not necessary to take the BDE course, there are two benefits you can receive. Firstly, it will provide a discount on your insurance. The amount of discount will be determined by your insurance company. Secondly, there is a 4-month time reduction in waiting time when applying for the G2 test. Instead of waiting a year, you can do the test in 8 months.


Can I get the certificate without the BDE course?


In order to receive a certificate (proof of insurance) the full 40-hour course needs to be completed. This includes 20 hours of online courses, 10 hours of homework (also online), and 10 hours in car session.


Is the classroom portion available in person?


Currently, we are only doing the 20 hours of the course as well as homework online. 10 hours of in-car training is provided in person.


Do I have to meet the instructor somewhere or can I be picked up from home?


We have pick-up and drop-off services in Kitchener/Waterloo. Please let us know the pick-up address before the lesson. Contact us if you live outside the city and we can let you know if pick-up is available.


How do I schedule my in-car driving session?


In-car sessions can be booked at any time. In order to start the in-car session we would need the complete payment. You can email or call the school to book sessions with your availability. Lessons are scheduled based on instructors’ availability and students’ availability.


How do I book my road test?


Continental Driving School does not book road tests. Roads can be booked through DriveTest.


Can I take the course without a G1?


The Online portion can begin without the G1, the information from the online class can help you prepare for the G1 test. G1 is necessary for the in-car portion. Please note that the full course needs to be completed in one year.


Do I need to bring anything for the in-car sessions?


A G1 license is required for the in-car sessions. Any remaining balance should be paid before the first in-car session.


Can I start my in-car without completing the online course?


In-car can be started without completing the online course. However, in order to be certified the full course (Online and In Car) needs to be completed.


How can I receive my certificate for insurance?


Official proof of certification can be received from Service Ontario. Ask for a Driver’s License History. This can be given to the insurance company for proof of insurance.

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